Let’s Test is on!

Rambling from an Introvert’s aspect of the conference

Well officially Let’s Test doesn’t start until tomorrow, Monday.
But informally the conference has already started and I am having a blast!


I am an introvert but I love conferring. So as an introvert I have now headed back to my small, but beautiful room with a fantastic view over the lake to do some reflecting.

One thing I have realized is how easy it is to for me to get caught up in all the discussions and wanting to meet new people and talk to people I’ve only “met” on Twitter. The thing is I really want to just suck in all of the things going on  but a lesson I made from conferences where conferring is the goal is that I need to listen to myself, take a beak, reflect and regather some energy. Normally I just tend to drift along with the flow.

This time I am trying something new. I will try without too much of structure to actually write down my reflections as the conference goes on.


I arrived yesterday, Saturday to be able to mentally prepare for my session on Tuesday. I instantly met up with some dear old friends Louise, Carsten and Henrik with whom I shared a cab. That is when the conference actually started!

During the evening we were about 20 people, including Johan Jonassons little newborn Ingrid. The discussions were somewhat let’s say pending from very low to let’s say more intellectually stimulating subjects in the bar with the Eurovision song contest in the background. I had a great time but forced myself to hit the bed around midnight which I today think was a wise thing to do even though I wanted to stay up longer to chat with all the great people.


So after breakfast it was time for facilitating training. The training was held by Ilari Aegerter and his Master Paul Holland (part of the Let’s Test Team). This is the second time I signed up for it and it is a very good thing to do to when it comes to learning how to facilitate a discussion. I was at one time regretting that I did sign up, since I came up early to mentally get prepared (but then I got this awesome Let’s Test jacket to wear when I’m facilitating, so it is totally worth it now ;)). The training was well performed and fun and then we actually got to practice real facilitating in the peer conference Lets Wet that was organized by Simon Morley and Jean Paul Varwijk.
It was great getting direct and constructive feedback on my facilitating. And to me it is not only about learning but also to challenge myself in areas I’m not very comfortable in. I got very good feedback.  These are the three main things I will take with me when facilitating.

1. Recap from the stack, so that the participants knows who’s on next and that I as a facilitator have noticed them
2. Scan the room, notice the participants when they want to talk
3. Find a good structure to keep track on your threads.

I am writing this in the context of me assuming that the reader is familiar with the concept of a peer conferences and facilitating. If you don’t know read Paul Hollands blog.

Now I’m going to rest for a while and get some energy and then head back to the conference again!

DSC_1401 DSC_1405 DSC_1406

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