Currently I provide the following workshop together with Ben Kelly.

Dimensions of Testability

A high degree of testability helps not only testers, but everyone involved in software development. When you make it easy to find important problems, you gain options to take action.
Conversely, low testability can be very costly. The ability to identify testability issues early and understand how to address them can help reduce that cost.
This workshop is aimed primarily at testers but open to anyone interested in learning more about a broader perspective on testability.

About the workshop:

Testability is integral to almost everything we testers do. It’s on of those things that seems intuitive and easy to understands until you really stop, and start to think about it.

We’re going to crack open the world of testability,  uncover its different dimensions and their relationships.

Participants will build a rich model of testability and use it to question themselves, their environment and of course a test product. We’ll look at using this model to build testability heuristics, identify lack of testability and to adapt their testing to suit.

After the workshop you will be able to:

  • Identify testability issues
  • Have a rich model to help you address testability problems
  • Have an understanding of what affects testability

For more information contact me or Ben.

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