The Zombie Slayer

Who’s the Zombie Slayer?

Anyone that recognizes testing as a profession which requires true skills that are achieved by experience and practice. Some one who knows that to become a good tester you need to learn a lot,  you need to be curious and question. The Zombie slayer is also a coach, a mentor or someone that can explain to and inform especially zombies and border-line zombies about what good testing is all about.

Being influenced by Ben Kellys presentation “The Testing Dead” at Let’s Test,  the Zombie Slayer evolved in my head since I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the topics of a good tester, becoming a testing expert and good testing. It might be because I am on my way to recruit more testers but I have also thought a lot about how to encourage my testing team to become testing experts and acknowledge themselves as testers and to be proud of their profession.

I recently read an old blog post from Huib Schoots “What makes a good tester” and one thing that he points out is attitude and passion. I too believe that to become a good tester or even a Zombie Slayer you need to have the right attitude and a passion for testing.

So am I a Zombie Slayer – absolutely not, at least not yet. Do I want to become one? I think it would be really cool to become one. And if I put as much time in exercising my brain as I put in exercising my body I might end up as a Zombie Slayer. A fit Zombie Slayer!

I haven’t really completed my thoughts on the topic but I needed to get that second blog post out there :).

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