2018 in retrospect – The last post

2018 in retrospect – PART 1
2018 in retrospect – PART 2
2018 in retrospect – PART 3
2018 in retrospect – PART 4

My reflection over the past year has come to an end. Looking back at the outcome of a very important decision I made in 2017 – I have now overcome the first year as my own boss.

It’s been a very busy year learning about all the things you need to know when having your own business. Someone told me it was easy and a piece of cake. I don’t agree. There are plenty of mistakes and wrong decisions that you can make unless you take help from others. Luckily I have friends who have helped me and along the way I have met many other freelancers who have shared their knowledge. I also decided to get professional help with bookkeeping and accounting.

It has been tough finding the right balance between family, my own health and interests, starting my new business, work, volunteering/community involvement, conferences and blogging. There has been quite some travelling this year and most of it has been work related. Yet I tried to prioritize hard this year and even kept my own Kanban board at home.

There are two reasons for keeping my Kanban board. It gives me visibility of all the things I need and want to do. It also gives me an enormous satisfaction when moving an activity to done. Unfortunately when I rearranged my office I lost the board. I didn’t keep any of the family related stuff on the board which was a mistake.

So what’s up in 2019?

First up – get that Kanban board arranged!

Conferences and speaking

So far I have no speaking gigs. I had to turn one down which I was very proud for doing because I normally take on too much. One lesson learned from last year is that I need plenty of time around my speaking gigs. Last year I had too many things going on which caused a lot of stress.  I was also supposed to do a speaking gig together with Peter but unfortunately we couldn’t get someone to look after our children.

It feels good leaving the conference and speaking scene open for the moment. Who knows what opportunities might show up?

Volunteering and community involvement

As the the Conference Chair for CAST 2019, organizing and preparing for the conference will keep me busy. On top of that I am still a board member of AST and in March the board will meet up in Austin (US) for a meeting.  In August I will go to Cocoa Beach (US) for CAST 2019.

Black Koi Consulting

As mentioned earlier I want to put some focus on my website this year.

In April I will be hosting a training by Richard Bradshaw and Mark Winteringham in Malmö. The training reflects my view on “test automation” and is called Automation in Testing. I really wish that people understood why this training is so important. There are so many out there who believe automation will solve all problems. People who don’t see automation of test as software development – thus there’s a lot of really unskilled practitioners out there. That’s one of the reasons I am bringing this course to town.

Blogging and writing

I will definitely write more posts this year. I think I have already started well and I have a post coming up soon, explaining the concept of heuristics through lessons learned from today opening a safe when you have forgotten the code.


Tomorrow I start working with a new client in Copenhagen. It’s going to be a bit of commuting again. But for the right gig and client commuting is worth it. I am really looking forward to tomorrow!




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