2018 in retrospect – PART 1

What happened and what is next? 

It’s been a while since I did a review of my year. In fact last time I did it was five years ago. It’s scary how time just flies by and you find yourself so caught up in the presence and the future that you don’t give yourself the time to reflect on the past to learn from your actions. So it is time to pause even it is only for a few hours to reflect upon 2018.

To help me process my thinking I drew this timeline:


Entering unknown territories

Filled with fear and excitement I entered unknown territories in the beginning of this year when starting my own company Black Koi Consulting. One of the reasons for this decision was to be able to have the freedom to choose where I want to spend my time. To be my own boss is something that fits me very well. I had already decided to only use 80% of my “working” week on clients, meaning I often spent Fridays on other things.

This being my first year with my own company I spent my “free” time on things related to my company or things related to the testing community engagement that I have. I also took time to have lunch with new people and old friends and colleagues. Most Friday mornings I went to the gym and I picked up my children early in the afternoon to be able to spend some extra time with them.

My takeaways from this episode:

I’ve had the opportunity to learn quite a few new things around accounting, marketing and websites. Realizing I don’t enjoy accounting very much and that it takes too long time to do it on my own I have decided to let someone else do the work.

My patience was challenged when I learned Inkscape to create my company logo. If you have ever tried to use the program you probably understand the frustration I felt from time to time. But it’s free and it is a really advanced tool to create vector graphics. I am very proud over the logo. It’s a special feeling having designed and created it yourself, specially when someone likes it.

In 2019 I will give my website a bit of love. I applied what I preach and launched an MVP to be able to get some information out there. Specially since I am offering training by Richard Bradshaw and Mark Winteringham in 2019 and I need somewhere for people to go to sign up for the training. It was actually pretty hard to launch a microsite and adding to it iteratively. It wasn’t related to skill or technically difficult but personally really challenging. I am sometimes a perfectionist but over the years I have learned to strive for best enough and iterate my work. This is also why this is the first post of several in the series of 2018 in retrospect.

Stay tuned for my next post…

2018 in retrospect – Part 2

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