3 thoughts on “Teaching Software Testing – An interview

  1. Hello, Maria.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences with teaching software testing, this information will be extremely useful for me, because in a month or so I will start to teach software testing, here in a local academy in my home town. And I know I have many questions on how to approach testing when I teach people that have no or limited knowledge of it, so I appreciate the insight that you shared.
    I believe that teaching is one of the greatest ways to learn, because, as you said, you have to try to verbalize all that tacit knowledge that you have based on experience, and that helps you learn a lot and explain a lot of things to yourself. Another reason why teaching testing is so great – it is one of the ways to be influential in the community and leave your unique mark in someone’s understanding about software testing.
    I think I went off topic a bit. 🙂 Thanks for the great interview.
    Good luck.
    Viktor Slavchev

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