Testability Awakens: Moving Testability into New Dimensions

I’m proud to see my article published!

Thanks to everyone who reviewed it for me: Martin Hynie, Ben Kelly, Peter Kedemo, Nicola Owen and Carol Brands. You rock!

Download the pdf: Testability Awakens in TestingTrapeze-2015-December


3 thoughts on “Testability Awakens: Moving Testability into New Dimensions

  1. Great article Maria! It made me start thinking about what testability issues we have at my current assignment and how to make improvements there.

    It also sparked a question on what is included in your definition of testability: “how easy it is to test something”. Do you inlcude communication of the results there?

    I think Rikard Edgren stated that “testing is never better than how the results are communicated”, or something similar, and I agree. But if I would strip down testing to its core I wouldn’t necessarily include communication of the results in it, hence the question. It would certainly be valuable though to think about aspects of “communicability”. E.g: How good are the testers to communicate the results? How often are the stakeholders available? Do testers and stakeholders speak the same language? etc. Including these things in the definition of testability would maybe risk to make the concept less crisp though. I would love to hear your thoughts about this.

  2. Hi Hannes,
    Thank you for reading my article! I am glad it sparked some thoughts and questions. Before I give you my answer I would appreciate if you could answer there two questions:
    What is testing to you? What do you mean by stripping it down to it’s core?

  3. Testing to me is the process to discover information about a product/system through some kind of interaction with it. In most cases, the persons who are testing also communicates the information found to a stakeholder. But I could very well test something on my own without communicating it and still call it testing. That´s what I was trying to say with “stripping it down to its core”. I hope that answered your questions. If not, I´m happy to elaborate some more.

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