Guest lecturing at the vocational education program Software Tester in Malmö

I am currently working as a teacher in Software Testing. It’s a vocational education program running in both Malmö and Örebro. My collegue Erik Brickarp is teaching in Örebro and since February this year I am teaching in Malmö having taken over the class from Martin Nilsson. There have been several blog posts and one article written about the program where you can read more about the content of the education.

Since it is a vocational education that prepares the students to specialize in Software Testing and hopefully as an entry point to get a job, it is important to give the students as many influences as possible from the real world. A few different things we have done is to bring in people to give guest lectures. Thanks to a good network and very helpful people we have managed to provide several possibilities for the students so far. The students in Malmö has had some advantage since the location and closeness to Copenhagen airport is beneficial. The contact network in Malmö is also bigger since both teachers and House of Test are located in the area. I would like to thank everyone who have visited the students so far. I am truly grateful! I will keep adding people to the list of helpful contributors:

The students have also had the opportunity to participate at Oredev 2014 for a few days.

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